Authorize.Net is the recommended gateway for integrating your credit card merchant account with online solutions provided by Netmasons.

Netmasons offers Authorize.Net accounts at a discounted rate of:

  • $10 / month
  • 10 cents / transaction

To signup for Authorize.Net via Netmasons, complete the following 2 forms attached to this article and fax them to (317) 550-1374

  1. Authorize.Net setup form - to be completed by you
  2. Authorize.Net merchant configuration form - to be completed by your credit card merchant account provider

You are not required to signup for Authorize.Net with Netmasons. If preferred you can signup for Authorize.Net with your merchant account provider.

Once your Authorize.Net account setup is complete, you will receive an activation email from Authorize.Net. The next steps are:

  1. Complete the activation process using the link in the activation email.

  2. Take your account out of test mode.

  3. Disable email receipts. These are not needed because the storefront itself sends receipts. Go to Tools \ Settings \ Email Receipts. Un-check the "Email transaction receipt" checkbox and then press the "Submit" button.

  4. Submit a live $1 transaction in the virtual terminal, using a valid credit card. An approval indicates your account is working correctly:

  5. Enable the Transaction Reporting API:

  6. The final step is to provide the API Login ID and Transaction Key to your Netmasons account representative. These 2 parameters are used to connect your online storefront or portal to your Authorize.Net account. Instructions for gathering the API Login ID and Transaction Key can be found here: