Note: Some of the information below may overlap from the initial configuration article of configuring Authorize.Net's Advanced Fraud Detection Suite. The intent of this article is to ensure that all notification settings are properly configured within Authorize.Net so that you as a merchant of the storefront are alerted to any orders that may have been placed into the Held status. 

If you have not configured Authorize.Net's AFDS, please refer to this article of how configuring Authorize.Net's AFDS for integration to WebGC.

Initial Setup and Configuration

Additionally, a few other items worth noting: 

  • No shipping filters should be applied because eGift cards are sold on the storefront. Shipping filters should only be applied in the scenario that physical cards are being sold your storefront.
  • The "Do not authorize, but hold for review" option should not be selected. The reason for this is the shopper would get a decline offer but their order would still be held and possibly put through. Filter Actions are configured for each of the AFDS filters. This setting applies to each of the different filters. For additional information on configuring AFDS to work with WebGC, please refer to the article on Configuring WebGC.
  • When an "Authorize and hold for review" filter is triggered, an email goes to any of the addresses that have been denoted within Autohorize.Net (screenshot listed below). These email recipients can be updated/changed via the Authorize.Net Merchant Panel at any given time. 

Now that your prerequisites for being notified of an order that triggered a filter configured within Authorize.Net AFDS, you can proceed to the next article of Approving or Denying an order that has been Held.